Custom Wall Arrangement

An example of a custom wall arrangement.

~3' x 4'

Steel Blue/White Plate

This stunning plate is shallow enough to use as a wall hanging, either by itself or as part of a collection of art glass. The foot is ground flat and polished and adds style and stability to the piece.

14" Diameter x 4.5" Tall

Blue-Green/White Plate

This stunning plate has a single optic pattern of blue-green and white, complemented by a white lip wrap.

18" Diameter x 4" Tall

Red/Gold Plate

This stunning plate has a red interior that fades to a burgundy and then to gold.

15" Diameter x 3" Tall

Lime Green / White Plate

This plate has a swirling pattern of lime green and white.

14" Diameter x 3" Tall

Lapis Blue/White Plate

This stunning plate is equally at home on a wall or horizontal surface. The brilliant lapis blue base color is accented by a swirling white sawtooth vortex.

17" Diameter x 5.5" Tall

Yellow/ Vermilion Plate

This brilliant yellow plate has a swirling vortex of vermillion accent color. The plate has a foot that is ground flat and polished.

14" Diameter x 3.5" Tall
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