Large Cane Vase

This vase has 3 distinct cane patterns in blue, black, and white on a clear background.

13" Tall x 7" Diameter

Cane Vase

This vase has two distinct cane patterns. One is veiled orange cane and the other white ballotini cane.

12" Tall x 5.5"Diameter

Yellow Vase with Web Pattern

This vase has a double optic pattern in bronze over a brilliant yellow base.

12" Tall x 6" Diameter

Turquoise Flattened Vase

This elegant flattened vase has a unique pattern highlighting a vivid turquoise background

13" Tall x 9" Wide x 4" Deep

Large Blue Cane Vase

This large vase has alternating ribbons of cane pattern overlaying a blue background.

14" Tall x 8" Diameter

Red/Gold Vase

This graceful vase has a pattern caused by a reaction between the red and gold colors that turns the red color a shade of burgundy with a smoky border.

12" Tall x 5.5" Diameter

Beige/Gold/Saffron Vase

Beige background with Gold and Saffron swirls.

13" Tall x 6" Diameter
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