Yellow Vase with Web Pattern

This vase has a double optic pattern in bronze over a brilliant yellow base.

12" Tall x 6" Diameter

Turquoise Flattened Vase

This elegant flattened vase has a unique pattern highlighting a vivid turquoise background

13" Tall x 9" Wide x 4" Deep

Green/Blue Flattened Vase

This Flattened Vase has swirls of jade green and royal blue.

13" Tall x 9" Wide x 3.5" Deep

This large vase has green veiled cane surrounded by green and white ballotini cane.

13" Tall x 7" Diameter

This vase has intricate swirling threads of black, blue, and light blue separated by cobalt cane.

13" Tall x 6" Diameter

Complex Cane Vase

This vase has several complex cane patterns.

12.5" Tall x 6.5" Diameter

Turquoise Flattened Vase

This large vase has swirls of ivory in a jewel like turquoise color

14" Tall x 8" Wide x 3.5" Deep